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Wooden Bead Garland

This wooden bead garland tray is perfect for your next country farmhouse wedding! The tiers make it looks like you're gifts coming in as a gift from the family farm! The tray also has beautiful tassels on it for a perfect touch.

wooden beaded garland

wooden beaded garland

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Rustic Country Home Decor New
Garland Wooden Rustic Heart Gifts With Jute Tassels For Graduates

1 pc Beads Garland Wooden

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Wood Bead Garland Home Decor Wooden Bead Garland For Tiered Tray Farmhouse Gar

Wood Bead Garland Home Decor



With Tassel Rustic Home Boho 1pc 58in Wooden

Wood Bead Garland Farmhouse Beads

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With Tassel,farmhouse Beads Rus

LSKYTOP 58 Inches Wood Bead

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Wooden Bead Garland Walmart

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Top 10 Wooden Bead Garland

This rustic country bead garland is perfect for any home decorating project. With it's variety of wooden bead garland's, you're sure to find the perfect piece of home decor for every occasion. With tassles (tassels), this garland is sure to provide a touch of elegance. this beautiful wooden bead garland is perfect for any spring wedding or event. It is tiered so that each beautifully detailed bead is on top of the other, making a beautiful and unique atmosphere. Not only will your guests feel special when they come across your garland, but you will look stylish too! this set of three wooden bead garland setosiween easter eggs is a beautiful way to celebrate the holiday around the house. The garland has a jute garland with a green and yellow color, making it a beautiful and versatile choice for any easter themed home. Other features of this set include, self-closed laces, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your garden, and a one-inch dainty holes, perfect for earthy paper airplane. this wooden bead garland is perfect for halloween! It is 36 inch wide, 36 inch high, and has a tiered tray style design. It is made of heavy wood, and has a natural black color. It is perfect for preparing treats or drinks in peace.