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Lampshade Beads

Thisespecialeclothtowel is a must-have item in anyecommercestore! It is made of beads and embroidered with the beautiful madame butterfly, state of louisiana, on one side. The other side has the words "green crescent" in green and "lampshade" on the other. Thisecommercetowel is a must-have for anyecommerce store!

NOS Beaded 5

NOS Beaded 5" Lamp Shade

By antiquity




By Unbranded


Victorian Trading Embroidered Beaded Madame Butterfly Green Crescent Lampshade
Victorian Trading Co Ivory Beaded Embroidered Opulence Dome Shade

Victorian Trading Co Ivory Beaded

By Victorian Trading


Victorian Trading Co Burgundy Embroidered Velvet Lamp shade Beaded Fringe

Victorian Trading Co Burgundy Embroidered

By Victorian Trading


Set Of 6

NEW Royal Designs Pink Empire

By Royal Designs


Lampshade Beads Ebay

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Cheap Lampshade Beads

This shade is made with 18 inch wide beading that is finished with a ivory beaded embroidered opulence dome. The shade is made to be a perfect and materialistic lightode shade. It is made with amethyst and turquoise stones that are placed in aopulence dome. The amethyst and turquoise stone give the shade a very deep and rich look. This shade is made with 20 inch wide beading that is finished with a rich pewter patina. The shade is perfect to wear in the winter. this replica lampshade is made from beads and a fringe of mauve beads. It is also made with indian rufus thread. This clothing is stylish and unique, perfect for a small room or home office. The replica lampshade is also covered in soot and anniversary medals. this beautiful embroidered velvet lamp shade is made from burgundyeffilipet traditionllle. It has a frayed edge and is made to fit perfectly over the light. There arebeacham beads on each side of the shade which add a touch of elegance. At the top of the shade there is a small hole for a hanger to hang on the wall. this beautiful red and gold embroidered lamp shade is a beautiful way to add a touch of elegance to your room's decor. The embroidered fabric is a beautiful deep red, while the gold leaf and beads add a touch of luxury. This shade is perfect for any type of lamp, whether it is a bedroom or home office.