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Floam Beads For Slime

Introducing the newest addition to the floam bead line- the floam beads for slime! These ball-like products are perfect for slime apps and otherrecetes, and will help to make your work life easier. So far, we've hassled around 18 microfoam beads, so we're happy to say that our kit comes with 18 sets of floam beads, each set comprising 18 individual microfoam beads! And they all work together to create a really unique effect.

Fish Bowl Beads Mreaind Unicorn Slime

70PCS Slime Add Ins Slime

By Slime Kit


Fill - Extra Small White (8 Oz.)

VB's Slime & Floam -

By Unbranded


Styrofoam Balls For Floam & Slime Diy Gift
Crunchy Beads Styrofoam Balls For Floam & Slime New

Micro Floam Beads

Micro floam beads are a great way to create beautiful customize-able floam pieces with your own art. Floam beads can also be used as a perfect addition to your artistry with their ease of use and increased variety. Don't wait to get started with floam beads!

White Floam Beads

These white floam beads are perfect for filling a slime small or tiny bag with a foam beads for floam supply. They come in 4 sizes so you can find the bag you need. They are also easy to see because they have white dots on them. this is a 4 bag styrofoam ball for slime that is small enough to fill with a soymilk or water, and small enough to be used as a filler for a floor or countertop. The berry flavor is represented by the colors blue, green, and red. These berry based beads are floam beads and are made of made from durable styrofoam material that will last long in your slime pile. floam beads are the perfect solution for slime creatures! Theseoggly cotton candy scented crunchy foam beads are 8 oz. And can hold your slime creatures together and make them smell nice. These beads are limited in qtys and can be purchase here. our new floam beads are perfect for slime! They are fun and bright foam beads that can help with the effects of fungus and bacteria. New gift idea for the creative person in your life.