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1122 18mm Rivoli Crystal 1122 18mm Rivoli Crystal
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS rivoli rhinestones are faceted with 16 different facets coming to a point in the center of the rhinestone. Brilliant light-reflection is possible with a foiled backing that blocks light from going through the crystal. The rivoli shape resembles the point cut of a diamond with the addition of 16 facets in a circle that meet in the center of the rhinestone. Use our high quality Japanese Toho Seed Beads to make a beaded bezel around this SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal rivoli. As you may have noticed, this rhinestone cannot be traditionally strung or glued to a flat surface. Creating a beaded bezel with smaller beads would be an ideal way to showcase this stunning SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS component.
Price $1.78 each
1122 18mm Rivoli Crystal AB 1122 18mm Rivoli Crystal AB
This faceted rivoli by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is brilliantly cut with 16 facets that come to a point in the center of this rhinestone. The backside is not flat, rather pointed as the front. The foil backing on this rivoli rhinestone enhances the sparkle given off by the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal. There is no drilled hole or flat surface area on this rhinestone, so creativity is a must! Create a hand-made beaded bezel inset for this crystal rivoli using our high-quality Japanese glass Toho Seed Beads. These rivoli crystals would also be perfect for embellishment.
Price $2.34 each

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