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List Product
Alabama State Charm Alabama State Charm
Show your Alabama pride with this sterling silver Alabama state charm. Add it to key chains, necklaces or charm bracelets.
Price $10.09 each
Alaska State Charm Alaska State Charm
Thank you for your patronage Alaska! To honor the land of the midnight sun, we have added this sterling silver state charm.
Price $13.19 each
Arizona State Charm Arizona State Charm
The Grand Canyon state can show its pride with this sterling silver Arizona state charm.
Price $12.97 each
Arkansas State Charm Arkansas State Charm
Arkansas in called the natural state for a reason. From the lakes to the mountains, Arkansas represents America's subtle beauty. Show your state pride with this sterling silver Arkansas state charm.
Price $9.19 each
California State Charm California State Charm
Celebrate the Golden State with this silver charm of California. The name of the state is marked across the front of this fun charm shaped like the state!.
Price $13.99 each
Colorado State Charm Colorado State Charm
Get the rocky mountain feeling with this sterling silver Colorado state charm.
Price $13.59 each
Connecticut State Charm Connecticut State Charm
Celebrate your love of the constitution state with this sterling silver Connecticut state charm.
Price $10.77 each
Delaware State Charm Delaware State Charm
Show your state pride with this sterling silver Delaware state charm.
Price $8.29 each
Florida State Charm Florida State Charm
We know Floridians are a proud people, so celebrate the Sunshine State with this wonderful Florida state charm.
Price $8.79 each
Georgia State Charm Georgia State Charm
Show your pride in Georgia peaches and southern charm with this sterling silver Georgia state charm.
Price $10.09 each
Hawaii State Charm Hawaii State Charm
Aloha Hawaii! For the right price we will hand deliver this sterling silver charm to your doorstep! Whether you live in this beautiful state, or just want to commemorate a trip, this is a charm you will wear with warm memories.
Price $12.79 each
Idaho State Charm Idaho State Charm
We are partial to Idaho at It is, afterall, the gem state! Show your state pride with this sterling silver Idaho state charm.
Price $9.69 each
Illinois State Charm Illinois State Charm
Some of the finest people we know are from the Prarie State. To honor them, we added the sterling silver Illinois State charm to our collection.
Price $9.19 each
Indiana State Charm Indiana State Charm
Show your state pride with this sterling silver Indiana state charm.
Price $9.19 each
Iowa State Charm Iowa State Charm
Show your state pride with this sterling silver Iowa state charm.
Price $8.29 each
Kansas State Charm Kansas State Charm
We're not in Kansas anymore. If you miss your home state of Kansas, or still reside there and want to show your pride, grab this sterling silver Kansas state charm.
Price $10.09 each
Kentucky State Charm Kentucky State Charm
Bluegrass, the derby and fried chicken - what more could we ask of one state? Show your state pride with this sterling silver Kentucky state charm.
Price $9.99 each
Louisiana State Charm Louisiana State Charm
Go down to the bayou and celebrate your love of Louisiana with this sterling silver Louisiana state charm. You can incorporate this charm into designs for Mardi Gras or add it to a personalized charm bracelet. If you really love the state, try creating a whole necklace with a Louisiana theme. This charm is the shape of the state. It has a textured oxidized background that helps the word Louisiana to stand out on its front. Feel free to browse the rest of our silver charms.
Price $10.09 each
Maine State Charm Maine State Charm
If you love blueberries and lobster, you just might love Maine. Show your love of this beautiful state with our sterling silver Maine state charm.
Price $9.69 each
Maryland State Charm Maryland State Charm
Show your state pride with this sterling silver Maryland state charm.
Price $9.19 each

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