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16 Inch Hematite Chip Strand 16 Inch Hematite Chip Strand
Give jewelry a bold bite with these chip beads in hematite. This jet-black gemstone features a smooth surface that gives a glossy shine. Use these small beads with white pearls in a necklace for a classy look, or pair with bright colors for a fun rainbow of contrast. Black is the perfect color to use in any type of jewelry because it complements any palette, and using this shiny gemstone adds an earthy element to designs. Discover your own personal style when you use these little beads in your next jewelry project! These beads are sold on 16-inch strands.
Price $2.16 each
Black Agate Gemstone Chips Black Agate Gemstone Chips
Add dimension to your designs with these beautiful black agate chip beads. Pattern and size may vary slightly.
Price $2.54 each
Black Jasper Gemstone Chip Strand Black Jasper Gemstone Chip Strand
Give your designs funky texture with these black jasper beads. These beads feature a unique irregular chip shape with pointed ends and angular outlines for interesting texture. The solid, silky black color is infrequently interrupted by a small sliver of grey. Try mixing them with colorful round beads for a neat contrast in shape and color. For a more contemporary appeal, pair them with metal accents. These beads come on a 35-inch strand.
Price $2.16 each
Brown Agate Stone Chip Strand Brown Agate Stone Chip Strand
Add an earthy appeal to your jewelry designs using these brown agate chip beads. These irregular shaped beads are polished to reveal a beautiful range in color from dark chocolate to cream overlaid with a lacy grey pattern. Try mixing them with brilliant silver components for a modern appeal. The pattern and size of each bead will vary slightly due to the natural source of these beads. These beads come on a 16-inch strand.
Price $2.36 each
Chinese Turquoise Chips Chinese Turquoise Chips
These colorful Chinese turquoise chips come in natural shapes and feature an organic, rough-hewn look that would match well with antique silver or copper components. Try them with Bali silver beads in a bracelet or string them together between other gemstone chips for a design full of color and texture. These beads come on a 36-inch strand. Feel free to browse our selection of gemstone beads for more options.
Price $7.77 each
Chinese Turquoise Chips Chinese Turquoise Chips
Add these stunning turquoise chips to your jewelry designs as spacer beads or use them in a strand. The rich color and organic shape of these beads will complement almost any design. For a tribal look, try them with Bali silver beads, a Hill Tribe silver pendant or a shell pendant. These attractive turquoise chips come on a 36-inch strand. Feel free to browse for other gemstone beads.
Price $8.02 each
Crystal Chip Gemstone Strand Crystal Chip Gemstone Strand
Add natural sparkle to your gemstone jewelry with these crystal beads. Pattern and size may vary slightly.
Price $2.54 each
Emerald Chip Nuggets Emerald Chip Nuggets
These emerald beads display varying shades of green color in an angular nugget shape that gives them a raw, organic appearance. These beautiful beads are perfect for adding rustic green color to earthy designs. Try using them to accent wood pendants. These beads will also look stunning next to copper components. Feel free to browse for more inspiring gemstone beads. These beads are sold on a 36-inch strand.
Price $16.27 each
Fossil Jasper Chip Strand Fossil Jasper Chip Strand
Deep grey and subtle pink hues marble this gorgeous fossil jasper stone. Add an earthy element to your jewelry designs with these beads. They are a beautiful complement to rhodonite. Pattern and size may vary slightly.
Price $2.48 each
Goldstone Chip Strand Goldstone Chip Strand
These beautiful goldstone chips look as if they've just been removed from a vat of glitter. No worries though, you won't be getting sparkle everywhere when working with these beads. These polished reddish-brown chips have a natural sparkle as they're made over a reduced flame, bringing out the presence of tiny metallic crystals. The polish of these beads makes them perfect for elegant jewelry. Goldstone is a very popular beading material, as its shine makes it perfect for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Use these chips as spacers or accent beads with larger pendants, or string a few together for a beautifully textured necklace. Goldstone is not actually a stone, but glass with flecks of copper in it, making for more consistency from one chip to the next. Each chip strand is 16 inches long, giving you ample opportunity and chips to create many stunning works of art. Check out the rest of our large selection of natural gemstone beads and pendants.
Price $2.48 each
Jade Chip Strand Jade Chip Strand
These beautiful jade beads feature irregular chip shapes for an unrefined, organic appearance. The color palette consists of varying shades of green ranging from pale lime to deep olive. Try mixing them with turquoise components for a colorful result. Feel free to browse for more inspiring gemstone beads. These beads are sold on a 36-inch strand.
Price $2.16 each
Large Turquoise Chips 16 Inch Strand Large Turquoise Chips 16 Inch Strand
The classic look of turquoise gives any jewelry design an all-American look. Pair these stunning chips with copper, amethyst or silver for a beautiful and unique look.
Price $12.39 each
Leopard Skin Chip Strand Leopard Skin Chip Strand
The warm mix of gold, brown, grey and red give this stone an ethnic feel. The intricate patterns can stand alone or mix wonderfully with a multitude of other stones and beads. Pattern and size may vary slightly.
Price $2.39 each
Mookaite Chip Strand Mookaite Chip Strand
Mookaite is a member of the jasper family and is a perfect stone bead to work with for those who like natural, earthy colors. Pattern and size may vary slightly.
Price $2.3 each
Natural Amber Chips Natural Amber Chips
Amber is a fabulous gemstone to use in beading and embellishment. This chip strand offers many opportunities for fun designs. This strand of amber gemstone chips is vibrantly colored in orange and yellow tones. With such a bright and fun product, who could resist? Bring cheer into your designs from sunrise to sunset with these wonderfully colored chip strands. String a few as accents, or go all out with the whole strand, or more. Add a few for a fun touch in necklaces, charm bracelets, earrings or even fun anklet designs for summer. Save a few for a rainy day and bring the sunshine back with this great oval bead strand. The swirling of colors is almost hypnotic in beauty and grace. We are ecstatic to bring our customers such a product. Rest assured you are getting a fabulous product at an economical price with
Price $7.09 each
Natural Light Amber Chips Natural Light Amber Chips
Amber gemstone chip strands are one of the most fun variations of this stone. This strand contains many different opportunities in beading and embellishment. Use as many chips in an individual design as you see fitting. String a couple as spacer beads or simply add a whole strand to a multi-layered necklace. These stones are also the ideal size for earring designs. Amber is a wonderfully colored fossilized resin that has been revered as an ornamental stone as well as a gem stone. We carry a vast selection of Gemstone Chip Strands in an array of different colors for the perfect stone each time. Go crazy with our fabulous amber gemstones!.
Price $7.69 each
Orange Aventurine Chip Strand Orange Aventurine Chip Strand
Sunny, light orange color mixes well with your warm-tone designs. Mix shapes and textures with all of our orange aventurine line. Pattern and size may vary slightly.
Price $2.48 each
Red Leopard Skin Chip Strand Red Leopard Skin Chip Strand
Red leopard skin ranges from deep to lighter tones of reds and browns. Exploding with pattern and color, we are sure this stone will be a hit with beaders. Pattern and size may vary slightly.
Price $2.39 each
Red Poppy Jasper Chip Bead Strand Red Poppy Jasper Chip Bead Strand
The varied colors in our red poppy jasper strands make them an interesting addition to your jewelry designs. Add impact to your next necklace or bracelet with these beautiful beads.
Price $2.3 each
Rhodonite Gemstone Chip Strand Rhodonite Gemstone Chip Strand
These rhodonite beads display vibrant pink color blended with dark mauve and accented with occasional black flecks. Their irregular chip shape gives them an organic appearance that will add a rustic element to your jewelry designs. Try mixing them with turquoise components for a colorful result. Feel free to browse for more inspiring gemstone beads. These beads are sold on a 36-inch strand.
Price $2.36 each

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