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Artistic Wire Wire Worker Artistic Wire Wire Worker
Make a variety of beads with the Wire Worker. It includes an assortment of mandrels and instructions that make creating different shapes and sizes fun and easy! Wire Worker includes wire, 6 mandrels, handle and instructions.
Price $11.77 each
Bead Gauge Bead Gauge
This brass bead gauge is useful when you are creating designs that require precision. Measure the size of your beads by simply sliding the ruler to the appropriate size that fits your bead. This useful jewelry tool offers measurements in both millimeters and inches at the same time! The maximum measurement for this bead gauge is 80mm or 3.15 inches.
Price $6.19 each
Bead Reamer Bead Reamer
Use the bead reamer to enlarge, de-burr and round out bead holes. Three different tips are included to fit bead holes from the smallest up to 5mm. Each tip is coated with diamond dust for smooth, even reaming. Tips store conveniently inside the tool and attach to the front for use. A handy spring clip enables you to carry this tool in your pocket like a pen. For ideas on how to get the most out of your bead reamer, check out the bead reamer Handy Tip.
Price $17.19 each
Beadalon Knotter Tool Beadalon Knotter Tool
This amazing tool makes pearl knotting a snap! Produce a tight, consistent knot every time with the Beadalon Knotter Tool. It can be used in the left or right hand. You will never struggle with your knots again.
Price $18.99 each
Beading Awl Beading Awl
High-quality stainless steel beading awl. Remember, when you buy your beads and bead supplies from, FREE SHIPPING is available in the USA with orders of $10 or more.
Price $3.49 each
Coiling Gizmo Set Coiling Gizmo Set
An economy coiling tool that helps create and design jewelry from coiled wire. Detailed instructions with photos included.
Price $8.99 each
File Set File Set
Six shaped files store conveniently inside the tool and attach to the front for use. Handy spring clip enables you to carry tool in your pocket like a pen.

Remember, when you buy your beads and bead supplies from, FREE SHIPPING is available in the USA with orders of $10 or more.
Price $22.19 each
Four-Piece Bead Reamer Tips Four Piece Bead Reamer Tips
Four replacement tips for use with our bead reamer handle.

Remember, when you buy your beads and bead supplies from, FREE SHIPPING is available in the USA with orders of $10 or more.
Price $9.09 each
Heavy Duty Cutter Heavy Duty Cutter
This heavy duty cutter is extremely strong. Use this tool for heavy gauge wires, bulk chains and more. This cutter combines comfortable grip coating and extra fine tips to ensure precision cuts every time. As a safety precaution, the pliers have a locking mechanism to keep them closed while not in use. This apparatus has a good amount of counter pressure to ensure that they will not come undone on their own. As with all cutters, use them with caution and always point them away from yourself.
Price $11.77 each
Jump Ring Maker - Large Jump Ring Maker Large
Make your own jump rings in any gauge you like with this wonderful jump ring maker. Try using our Artistic Craft Wire to add color to your designs. Perfect size every time!.
Price $17.79 each
Magnetic Needle Case Magnetic Needle Case
Store all of your needles in this safe and convenient magnetic storage case. They hold neatly to the sides of the container and don't spill when you open the case.
Price $2.34 each
Needle Threader with Thread Cutter Needle Threader with Thread Cutter
Use this simple needle threader and cutter for all of your seed bead projects.
Price $1.6 each
Plastic Caliper Plastic Caliper
Get precise measurements of your beads and components with these lightweight, plastic calipers. If your beads got jumbled together and you need to separate them, or if you need to measure a bead for a repair piece, this is a wonderful tool to have on hand. Also check out our brass caliper for a more durable, long-lasting tool.
Price $1.68 each
WigJig Delphi Acrylic Jig WigJig Delphi Acrylic Jig
3x3-inch acrylic wire form jig comes with 181 holes and 20 removable pegs. Small pegs are perfect for small and delicate designs. Make twisted designs for jewelry, home and paper crafts. Includes instructions.
Price $28.47 each
Wire Rounder Wire Rounder
This cup bur is perfect for rounding wire ends. After the ends of wire are cut with a pair of side cutters, the edges are often sharp and can cause snagging. If you are making ear wires in particular, you'll need to smooth the ends of the wire, especially the end that will pass through the ear. This tool will do that. It has teeth like a file inside the cup. Simply place the cup over the end of the wire and twist or rotate the handle back and forth to file and smooth the ends of the wire. This works best for wire up to 20 gauge.
Price $8.29 each
Wire Wrap Mandrel Wire Wrap Mandrel
Made of stainless steel with a non-slip PVC handle, this mandrel will give you consistent size loops time after time. This tool offers five different diameters of 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 5mm for whatever sized loop you need. Use it for making loops in wire work, or coil wire around the mandrel and cut to make your own jump rings. Nicely rounded and extremely smooth so wire will not be scratched. Remember, when you buy your beads and bead supplies from, FREE SHIPPING is available in the USA with orders of $10 or more.
Price $8.09 each
Wood Needle Case 3.5 Wood Needle Case 3 5 x 5
Store all of your needles in this safe and convenient wooden storage case.
Price $3.54 each

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