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List Product
All Wired Up All Wired Up
All Wired Up
By Mark Lareau
Softcover, 127 pages
ISBN 1-883010-73-X

The step-by-step techniques featured in this richly illustrated book take the beginner who knows little about wirework on a journey to creating artistic and unique free-form jewelry. Using round wire that is readily available and economically viable, wireworkers learn everything from how to hold pliers to how to make ear wires, hook-and-eye closures, and cages for marbles and cabochons. Over 240 line drawings, photographs of finished objects, and a wirework gallery of pieces by the author and other contemporary wirework artists provide sample creations and ideas for the innovative wireworker.
Price $21.95 each
Bead Embellishment Bead Embellishment
Beaded Embellishment By Amy C. Clarke & Robin Atkins Softcover, 131 pages ISBN 1-931499-12-8 Embellishing fabric with beads is a universal and timeless tradition that is finding new expression today, and Beaded Embellishment is an unparalleled resource for taking it to higher levels. Beaders, quilters, and fiber artists of every persuasion will find invaluable technique and inspiration here. Fabrics of all kinds come together with beads of all kinds. The result is 10 stunning projects that both instruct and inspire.
Price $21.95 each
Beaded Gifts Beaded Gifts
Beaded Gifts
By Jean Campbell
Softcover, 32 pages
ISBN 1-931499-02-0

Why go shopping for a gift when you can make something heartfelt and wonderful for a fraction of the cost? This beautiful, full color title by Jean Campbell, editor of Beadwork Magazine, offers 18 exciting gift ideas that any beader will really enjoy. Projects include an embroidered baseball jersey, photo album, wedding doily, memory wire bracelet, business card carrying case, button necklace and more. A great book for beginners.
Price $9.95 each
Beading With Peyote Stitch Beading With Peyote Stitch
Beading with Peyote Stitch By Jeannette Cook & Vicki Star Softcover, 111 pages ISBN 1-883010-71-3 This second book in the Beadwork How-To series focuses on peyote stitch, one of the most frequently used stitches in beadwork. A tools and techniques section fully illustrates everything you need to know to use this stitch for flat and 3-D pieces. With projects and a gallery of beadwork by the authors and nationally known artists, Beading with Peyote Stitch is sure to inspire the beginner as well as the veteran beadworker.
Price $21.95 each
Create Jewelry Crystals Create Jewelry Crystals
Create Jewelry Crystals
By Marlene Blessing and Jamie Hogsett
Soft cover, 125 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-59668-022-7 Marlene Blessing is the Editorial Director for Beadwork, Stringing, and Step by Step Beads Magazines. Jamie Hogsett is former editor of Stringing Magazine and author of Stringing Style. Crystals are the jewelry designer's favorite design element. Showcasing the sparkle, shine, and many facets of crystal, Create Jewelry: Crystals combines stories of this irresistible gem with gorgeous designs. These glamorous, wearable designs draw on a range of exciting techniques and the latest in crystal colors and shapes. Choose designs from three project sections: Classic, featuring traditional designs for day or night; Special-Occasion, showcasing striking and elegant pieces perfect for special events; and Fashion-Forward, offering adventurous and show-stopping designs for an event out on the town. Create Jewelry Crystals features 20 stylish designs for stringing and bead weaving, a section on techniques and findings, a color and size chart to easily identify your favorite crystal shape and color, and much more! Jewelry makers of all skill levels will revel in this in-depth look at crystals complete with clear step-by-step project instructions and rich inspiration.
Price $22.95 each
Findings & Finishings Findings Finishings
Findings & Finishings
By Sharon Bateman
Softcover, 118 pages
ISBN 1-931499-40-3

Choosing the right findings and finishing techniques can transform an ordinary piece of jewelry from simple to stunning. Beginning beaders and wireworkers will discover all the tricks of the trade, and more experienced artists are bound to find plenty of tips to ignite the imagination.
Price $21.95 each
Making Wire Jewelry and More by Chandler/Ritchey Making Wire Jewelry and More by Chandler Ritchey
Don't know the first thing about making wire jewelery? Making Wire Jewelery and More will get you off to an easy start. You'll start with the basics: loops, jump rings, connectors, and ear wires. Then you'll be ready to create classy wired up earrings, rings, bracelets, and decorated cards.
Price $16.95 each
Netted Beadwork Netted Beadwork
Netted Beadwork By Diane Fitzgerald Softcover, 121 pages ISBN 1-931499-15-2 Netted beadwork requires fewer beads, works up quickly, creates an airy lace-like quality, is lightweight, drapes beautifully and can be used to cover 3-D shapes. 17 projects ranging from netted floral embellishments to awe-inspiring jewelry are included.
Price $21.95 each
The Beader's Companion The Beader's Companion
The Beader's Companion By Judith Durant & Jean Campbell Softcover, 103 pages ISBN 1-883010-56-X This is the new expanded and updated Beader's Companion. The Beader's Companion begins with an introduction to beadwork, followed by chapters on different types and sizes of beads, threads and cords, tools, and needles. Information on different techniques follows and covers the basics of on and off loom weaving techniques, embroidery and knitting with beads, bead crochet and macrame, jewelry and wirework, and finishing techniques. Put together in a reference-type, easy-to-find format, this spiral bound book is the authority on the basics of beadwork.
Price $19.95 each

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