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List Product
German Bent Chain Nose Pliers German Bent Chain Nose Pliers
Make sure you add this wonderful tool to your toolbox to reach every curve and loop your straight pliers can't get to.
Price $23.97 each
German End Cutter Semi Flush German End Cutter Semi Flush
Trim as close as possible to your work with these wonderful semi-flush end cutters.

This tool is recommended for use with 20 gauge wire and finer.
Price $31.47 each
German Ergonomic Flat Nose Pliers German Ergonomic Flat Nose Pliers
Made in Germany with the finest tool steel and beautifully polished with box-joint construction and double leaf springs. Our 4 3/4-inch ergonomic handles are designed for repetitiive use. With a handle width of 3/4 inch and a soft non-slip texture, the user is assured of less fatigue. The handle contact is 300% greater than with conventional handles. Try these wonderful tools for more comfort as you work.
Price $25.47 each
German Flat Nose Pliers German Flat Nose Pliers
Allows you to grip flat objects and make right-angle bends. The smooth jaws come to a fine even taper.

Remember, when you buy your beads and bead supplies from, FREE SHIPPING is available in the USA with orders of $10 or more.
Price $20.79 each

"A reliable trustworthy company"
Jazmine Salvador, Chicago, GA.

"Impressive selection of Beads Store. Fast shipping".
Dion Efrain., Chattanooga, TN

" has the cheapest prices, and the best customer service - I'd recommend them to anyone"
Brooke Camille ., MIAMI, CA

 No matter what your needs are, be that plier or may be German Box-Joint Pliers special products such as German Bent Chain Nose Pliers or even German End Cutter Semi Flush, German Flat Nose Pliers, German Ergonomic Flat Nose Pliers, we have your choice in stock. On you can find German Box-Joint Pliers elements and flat back rhinestones as well as knipex are available too; you can check also for Gold Earwires, Crochet Wire Bracelet, Opaque AB Matte, Gold-Filled Links elements including German Flat Nose Pliers or more. We carry for our customer knipex as well as Swarovski crystals and high quality German Box-Joint Pliers items including rhinestones and German Ergonomic Flat Nose Pliers and more special Memorial Day Shadow Box, Paddles (Duckbills), Jump Ring Lock, Rhodium/Silver-Plated Bead Frames elements.

In addition to German Box-Joint Pliers products, we carry slipjointpliers as well as Featured Author, Winter Dusk Necklace, Base Metal - New Additions, Warm Wood Necklace less expensive options including German Bent Chain Nose Pliers as one of the selected items. Purchase flat back rhinestones including German Box-Joint Pliers items and selected products such as German Bent Chain Nose Pliers, German End Cutter Semi Flush, German Ergonomic Flat Nose Pliers or even German Flat Nose Pliers as well as pliers with very low prices. You will find pliers and a huge selection of German Box-Joint Pliers band products, if you need anything that you can't find from Nickel, 14 Karat Gold Clasps, Summer at the Beach Necklace, Baby Shower Charm Bracelet items or other well designed items such as German Bent Chain Nose Pliers, just let us know and we'll do what we can to get it for you!

We carry huge selections of plier as well as of German Box-Joint Pliers special elements including German End Cutter Semi Flush or you may also order Unicorn Bracelet, Gold Charms, Melon, Wood Rounds important products. We’re specializing in providing German Box-Joint Pliers quality elements including German Ergonomic Flat Nose Pliers as well as pliers and more products selected from 15.5 x 14mm, Seaside Chandelier Earrings, Guardian Angel Earrings, Santa Claus Ornament products. Create your look of elegance with knipex and the perfect combination of German Box-Joint Pliers elements including German End Cutter Semi Flush as well as Swarovski flat back crystals and Dead-Soft Sterling Silver Wire, Unplated Pewter Clasps, 8mm Helix, Rectangle CZ Beads impressive designs.
We provide unique designs of Sowarovski elements, rhinestones, flat back and much more items in different sizes, shapes and colours with very reasonable prices. Purchase with us and take advantage of the special offers we carry and profit also of our low prices.