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Black Labradorite Coins Black Labradorite Coins
These stunning black labradorite gemstone beads are flecked with black and have an iridesence that is sparked by light. Add them to your jewelry designs for true show-stopping style!.
Price $7.45 each
Black Labradorite Ovals Black Labradorite Ovals
These large black labradorite beads feature a flat oval shape which beautifully showcases their deep grey color overlaid with black flecks and silver streaks. Occasional ribbons of silky chatoyancy add alluring contrast and depth to these large beads. Try using these beads to creating a fashionable, chunky bracelet or necklace with brilliant silver accents. Feel free to browse for more inspiring gemstone beads. These beads are sold by the strand.
Price $11.49 each
Black Labradorite Rectangles Black Labradorite Rectangles
Add brilliant dark gray color to your jewelry designs with these black labradorite beads. These flat rectangle beads feature a dark silver color with speckles of black. They have a faint iridescence and reflect light in a slightly metallic sheen. Their flat shape makes them perfect for use in bracelets because they will sit flat against the wrist for comfortable wear. Try them with dark pewter components for a coherent color combination. These beads come on a 16.5-inch strand.
Price $8.99 each

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