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List Product
Bead Basics Bead Basics
Bead Basics
By Delores Frantz
Softcover, 19 pages
ISBN 1-57421-244-3 This wonderful book covers everything from basic wire techniques to all you need to know to get started in stringing! There are tons of inspirational projects, all in full-color easy-to-follow instructions that are the Design Originals signature!.
Price $7.99 each
Bead Basics 101 Bead Basics 101
Bead Basics 101
By Donna Goss & Andrea Gibson
Softcover, 35 pages
ISBN 1-57421-592-2 This wonderful book for beginners covers everything you need to know about beads, stringing, findings and tools. It is a comprehensive, full-color book that will delight beginners and experienced beaders alike!.
Price $12.99 each
Beadazzled Beadazzled
By Penelope Diamanti
Photographs by William L. Allen
Hardcover, 208 pages
ISBN 0-9778820-2-0

This stunning book will be a source of endless inspiration to you! Gorgeous, unique designs will delight beaders of all levels.This book does not have patterns or instructions. Just beautiful, inspirational pictures with unique design ideas.
Price $29.95 each
Classy & Chic Bead Jewelry Classy Chic Bead Jewelry
Classy & Chic Bead Jewelry
By Carole Rodgers, Jennifer Mayer & Deb Bergs
Softcover, 19 pages
ISBN 1-57421-241-9 This book is full of fabulous, playful designs that range from simple to wow! There is everything from necklaces to wine charms and eyeglass holders, all in full-color easy-to-follow instructions that are the Design Originals signature!.
Price $7.99 each
Crystal Creations Crystal Creations
Crystal Creations
By Candi Evans
Softcover, 19 pages
ISBN 1-57421-306-7 This book goes far beyond the basic crystal stringing book to incorporate bold glass, delicate pearls, silver and even watch faces. Make your world sparkle with these beautiful designs. Easy-to-follow instructions are complemented by full-color photos.
Price $7.99 each
Crystals with Stretchy Cord Crystals with Stretchy Cord
Crystals with Stretchy Cord
By Deborah Campbell
Softcover, 19 pages
ISBN 1-57421-195-1 Deborah Campbell proves that stretch cord is not just for children's jewelry with this book full of elegant design ideas that use crystals and cord. All in full-color easy-to-follow instructions that are the Design Originals signature!.
Price $6.99 each
Kids Can Bead Too! Kids Can Bead Too
Kids Can Bead Too!
By Carol Sallmann & Ann Rohrer
Softcover, 19 pages
ISBN 1-57421-273-7 This fun book is made for kids ages 5 and up. It includes playful designs for jewelry, bookmarks, embellished shoes, zipper pulls and many more ideas. All inspiration comes in full color photos with easy-to-follow designs.
Price $7.99 each
Power Beads Power Beads
Power Beads
By Suzanne McNeill
Softcover, 11 pages
ISBN 1-57421-831-X If you believe in the power of stones, this book is a wonderful design guide for you. It packs a lot of inspiration into just a few pages!.
Price $4.99 each
Silver & Stones Silver Stones
Silver & Stones
By Barbara A. McGuire
Softcover, 35 pages
ISBN 1-57421-605-8 This incredible book covers a myriad of jewelry designs from earrings to necklaces, delicate to bold. It is far more than just silver and stones. The designs also incorporate ribbons and fibers, pearls and glass. There is something for everyone in this full-color, easy-to-follow book.
Price $12.99 each

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